COO and Security advisor

Claus Vesthammer

COO and Security Advisor – Improsec Claus Vesthammer is COO and Security Advisor at Improsec and has worked with Cyber Security since once upon a time in the last Millennium, where it was just called security – and long before it was something that is discussed in board rooms. Claus is advising large private and public organisations about Information and IT-Security.

Björn Preuss is teaching right now at CBS and is a guest lecturer at Lund University, in Sweden.

Björn Preuss

Senior Data Scientist – 2021.AI Björn Preuss spoke at the Copenhagen Fintech Week. Currently working for 2021.AI as a Finacial Expert Advisor in their data science advisory arm. He has a research background in finance and machine learning as well as a professional background from investment banking. His focus is finding applications of machine learning algorithms as well as the …