Christian Hannibal

Director of Digital Policy – Dansk Industri

Christian Hannibal is director of digital policy in the Confederation of Danish Industry. Christian has worked with digital policy for more than 10 years both as a civil servant in the Ministry of Science and Technology and in the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Christian Visti Larsen

CEO & Co-Founder – NewBankingIdentity
Christian Visti is the CEO and cofounder of NewBanking, a RegTech company specialized in identity management, using blockchain as part of the technological platform. NewBanking is redefining the ownership of personal verified data. NewBanking was listed as top 50 Global Fintech emerging star by KPMG/H2 venture in 2016, have won the Money20/20 best startup price.   
Christian is a financial entrepreneur and has been part of developing innovative payments methods such as e-money concepts, NFC payments and crypto payment solutions. Christian has held senior positions with Danske Bank, KPMG and Coinify, he received his MS degree in auditing at Copenhagen Business School. 

Nikolai Søndergaard

Chairman and Co-founder – Nordic Blockchain Association

Nikolai is Chairman and co-founder of Nordic Blockchain Association. He bought his first bitcoin in 2013, and later joined the startup circuit. He started his blockchain career working with US-based startup, Blockchain Technologies Corp, that works with consulting, voting systems on blockchain and more.

Being visionary and passionate about technology and social change, he co-founded Nordic Blockchain Association, with the vision of consolidating a Nordic ecosystem, that could help improve the fundamentals on which we build society.
On the side, he studies a masters in Organisation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.

His focus within NBA is working with the overall strategy, partnerships, new initiatives and Danish/EU regulatory groups.

Recently he has co-founded that connects farmers, drivers and retailers to deliver produce cheaper and fresher directly from farmers.

Troels Plenge

Co-Creator – WeOU

Troels Plenge is a social entrepreneur that has been with for several years as CTO.

Recently he has co-founded that connects farmers, drivers and retailers to deliver produce cheaper and fresher directly from farmers.

Troels has also Co-created WeOU that is about experimentation with emerging technologies, they aim to challenge social constructions like money, energy, hierarchy and ownership to discover a more sustainable society.
He is one of the people behind Etherium Meetup Copenhagen.

Lasse holds an engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and also studied at the National University of Singapore.

Lasse Birk Olesen

Co-Founder & Advisor – Coinify

A blockchain entrepreneur since 2011, Lasse Birk Olesen co-founded Coinify which is one of the world’s leading blockchain payment providers. Coinify is also the exclusive exchange partner of the world’s largest blockchain wallet.

Being at the forefront of the blockchain technology, Lasse founded one of the first digital currency exchanges in Europe as well as the first digital currency exchange in the Philippines.

He consults European and Asian government agencies on blockchain technology and blogs with the largest Danish financial newspaper Børsen on how blockchains and other exponential technologies affect society and politics. Lasse is also often quoted in outlets such as Business Insider and Bloomberg.

Lasse holds an engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and also studied at the National University of Singapore.

Currently he is a faculty member at Singularity University and a investment panel member with the Innovation Fund Denmark.

Her specialties range: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global PR & Marketing, cross country leadership, management and strategy, segmentation and communication programs. Transformation of organisation: Using IT, implementing circular business models and virtual management.

Camilla Kampmann

INED – American International Group (AIG)

Camilla Kampmann is a globally experienced leader, who has specialised in transforming organisations and implementing circular business models.

She has a substantial experience within virtual management as she has been working with it for more than 10 years. Utilizing and organising big data is part of Camillas management experience.

Camilla also has a legal background that gives her  experience and understanding of compliance with global authorities and regulations, e.g. implementing standards in organisations and improving the relationship with local authorities, including EU GDPR.

Her specialties range: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global PR & Marketing, cross country leadership, management and strategy, segmentation and communication programs. Transformation of organisation: Using IT, implementing circular business models and virtual management.

Jeannette Carlsson is the founder of Northern Europe's largest tech/startup ecosystem network. She has  25 years' international experience of building, leading, growing & advising startups to blue-chip PLCs with focus on the fast-paced digital/tech/innovation space. 

Jeanette Carlsson

CEO – newmedia2.0

Jeanette Carlsson is a Tech Sector CEO of newmedia2.0. She is a Business Leader and entrepreneur, with a Non-Exec approach. Jeanette serves as a Business Growth Advisor and Mentor.

She is an Innovation Expert and Lecturer, she appears in the entity of Conference Chair, Keynote speaker, she is a Government and Diplomatic Advisor.

Jeannette Carlsson is the founder of Northern Europe’s largest tech/startup ecosystem network. She has  25 years’ international experience of building, leading, growing & advising startups to blue-chip PLCs with focus on the fast-paced digital/tech/innovation space.

Her core areas are Blockchain, Economic policy, Financial Policy, Housing policy, Business Finance-SMEs growth; EU/Global policy and stakeholder engagemen

Michelle Chivunga N

Chair-International Committee – British Blockchain Association

Michelle Chivunga N works at the British Blockchain Association. Michelle is specialised in international policy programs; UK/EU parliamentary engagement; stakeholder management; communications and media; business finance and financial regulation; influencing and lobbying; capacity building and intelligence gathering; policy and strategy development; event and conference management; research analysis and project management and EU/global financial policy negotiations .

Her core areas are Blockchain, Economic policy, Financial Policy, Housing policy, Business Finance-SMEs growth; EU/Global policy and stakeholder engagement.

Susana Borrás is a social scientist researching on public policy, in the center of her attention is the question of, what governments can do to foster and to improve socio-technical innovation.

Susana Borrás

Scientist & Professor – CBS

Susana Borrás is a social scientist researching on public policy, in the center of her attention is the question of, what governments can do to foster and to improve socio-technical innovation.

For the past seven or more years she has worked as a Professor of Innovation and Governance at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

She has extensive experience in academic and organizational leadership, in the role of Head of Department, as principal investigator in various international research projects, and as chairperson and board member of several academic and professional associations.

Susana represents expert insights in areas such as: design and rationales of innovation policy, theories and patterns of innovation systems, regional and cluster policies, legitimacy and democratic aspects of the governance of innovation, the Open Method of Coordination, the politics of the Lisbon strategy, and the changing forms of national policy coordination in Europe.

Visit Susana’s blog or follow her on twitter @SusanaBorras.

Lars Arne Christensen

Parliament Candidat – Konservative folkeparti

Lars Arne Christensen is Conservative Peoples Party candidate for the Danish parliament.

He has a degree from Copenhagen University, an Executive MBA along with an HD in finance, both from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Lars’ business background is in FinTech, where he has started companies both in and outside of Denmark. Today Lars works in a function as a business angel within FinTech and Blockchain, MedTech and HealthTech.

Lars Arne Christensen has worked on the international scene for a large number of businesses, financial institutions, public authorities, states and transnational organizations.

Lars has served in the board of directors for Copenhagen FinTech for two terms and is head of the board of directors at Sciencejob.

Deputy Director General in the Agency for Digitization

Adam Lebech

Deputy Director General – Agency for Digitization

Adam Lebech is Deputy Director General in the Agency for Digitization, which is responsible for Danish e-government policy and key government IT systems including NemID, Digital Post and He has previously worked as the managing director of the Danish ICT and Electronics Federation and held senior management positions at various ministries and agencies, working in the fields of e-government, IT, and Telecoms policy since 2001.

Adam Lebech holds a master’s degree in political science from Aarhus University.

President of Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association.

Stephan Nilsson

Founder and CEO – Unisot

Stephan Nilsson is the founder, CEO and solution architect of; an “Enterprise ERP-Blockchain Platform” provider. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2012 and started integrating SAP with blockchain in 2014.

Stephan has more than 20 years experience working with ERP systems as well as 30 years experience in IT-systems integration. He is currently engaged with EY/Skye, building a blockchain based ERP solution for the fish/food industry.

Stephan is also the founder and president of Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association.

Advises Danish and international businesses and private persons on all legal aspects relating to crypto currencies, e.g. Bitcoin and Ether.

Payam Samarghandi

Lawyer – Horten

Payam Samarghandi advise Danish and international businesses and private persons on all legal aspects relating to crypto currencies, e.g. Bitcoins and Ether. Through his network and professional and practical experience within this area, he has an in-depth industry knowledge, which forms the basis of his advice. In this connection, Payam’s experience especially includes issues relating to tax law and all aspects relating to company law and financial regulationn in relation to crypto currencies and drafting of contracts.

Founder and CEO at Seier Capital & Chairman Of The Board at Concordium

Lars Seier Christensen

Founder and CEO at Seier Capital & Chairman Of The Board at Concordium

Lars Seier Christensen co-founded Saxo Bank, a pioneer in FX and derivatives trading, in 1992. He served as co-CEO of the bank for more than 20 years before stepping down in 2016 to focus on other investments.

During his years at Saxo, the bank grew to 1500 employees, spread across more than 20 locations around the world. SaxoTrader, the bank’s flagship online trading offering was first launched in 1998 as one of the first online FX trading platforms ever.

Since then SaxoTrader has grown to become one of the world’s most complete multi-asset platforms. Mr. Christensen experienced first-hand the major regulatory changes transforming derivative trading services to private clients and smaller institutions, and this practical experience is incredibly valuable for understanding the regulatory roadmap ahead for cryptocurrencies and financial blockchain applications.

Bent Dalager

Head of NewTech

Bent Dalager has more than 27 years’ consulting experience across a wide range of industries, including solid experience from all types of financial institutions across the Nordics. Bent has successfully led some of the most complex system implementations and outsourcing and advisory programmes in the financial services industry in Europe. He has led Accenture’s (ACN) FS practice in the Nordics and was a part of ACN’s EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America) management. In addition, he has headed ANC’s Robotics/AI practice in FS EALA. Bent is experienced in management consulting, primarily within CRM, Digital and NewTech, serving as an expert and/or C-suite advisor.

Bent was the founder and leader of ACN’s FutureTech group that works exclusively with leading-edge technologies within robotics and AI in FS, and has worked with Fintechs and the application of blockchain technology in the Fintech industry, etc. Furthermore, he has been working with, and is still working with large transformations (large system projects and outsourcing/offshoring).

Due to his vast experience, Bent is also a well-known speaker at conferences and events in Denmark and Europe on topics such as Digital, Robotics/Cognitive computing, CRM and outsourcing/offshoring. His presentations focus on trends in the financial services industry, especially on linking new technology trends (such as robotics, cognitive computing, digital internet-of-me) to business.

Today, Bent is heading up KPMG’s Financial Services practice in the Nordics as well as the NewTech practice. NewTech is dealing exclusively with cutting-edge AI technologies (Robotics, Machine Learning, Chat-Voice-bots, AR, VR, etc.) and focuses on “consulting by doing”.

Marianne Haahr

Co-founder of the Nordic Impact Investment Network and Director of the ‘Global Opportunity Explorer’, in Sustainia

Marianne Haahr operate at the intersection between technology and sustainability. Spotting and analysing emerging tech-trends and acting on them to accelerate a future defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Application of blockchain to design an economy fit to deliver a sustainable future is where her passion lies.

Marianne has co- founded the Nordic Impact Investment Network, where she is also the Steering member. She has also managed the development of the ‘Global Opportunity Explorer‘ as Director in Sustainia. A digital platform and community of frontrunner companies from across the globe dedicated to turning the Sustainable Development Goals into business opportunities. A community bringing together the UN Global Compact, the tech start-up eco-system as well as large corporates and financial institutions.

She also serves as an External Senior Advisor – TechVelopment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Denmark).

Together with Coinify & State Department Miarianne Haahr has created a report that concludes how good blockchain will be within foreign affairs framework.

Ian Choo

Founder & Managing Partner – Ekofolio

Ian Choo is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ekofolio, a mission-driven Fintech company enabling everyone to invest in Forests profitably. He is passionate about enabling systemically important projects that accelerate meaningful transformations for industries and people.

Ian started his career in Management Consulting, subsequently serving as co-founder/board member in the Nepal Music Festival, the country’s largest volunteer run festival. He has taught as an adjunct at various business schools in Denmark, and is an active coach and speaker at various Entrepreneurship events and Accelerators. Ian holds an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE), and has attended IESE and Harvard Business School.

Ian will be speaking at a debate on Blockchain as “A tool for social impact” at Nordic Blockchain Conference on November 16, 2018.

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré researches across fields applied to Wind Energy

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré

Senior Researcher – DTU Wind Energy

Working at the Technical university of Denmark, Pierre focuses on applying emerging technologies to improve our social constructs.

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré researches across fields applied to Wind Energy covering: Wind Power Plant DesignUncertainty Quantification, System Engineering, Machine Learning, Wind Resource Prediction and Energy Digitalisation.

Pierre-Elouan Réthoré will take part in a debate on November 16, 2018, at Nordic Blockchain Conference touching upon “A tool for Social Impact”.

Rolf Bjerre is a Danish politician

Rolf Bjerre

Danish parliament candidat – Alternativet

Rolf Bjerre is a Danish politician from the Alternative party and a former chairman of the Pirate Party. He was the first IT rapporteur of the Alternative and thus contributed considerably to the IT Policy of the Alternative. Bjerre’s political ambition is to become an IT minister, and describes himself as a professional politician who primarily works with the fact that democracy must also function in a digital space. At the last parliamentary elections, Bjerre was only 73 votes away from being elected into the Danish parliament, Folketinget.

Rolf Bjerre will be participating in a debate on November 16, 2018, at the Nordic Blockchain Conference the theme of the debate will be “How to regulate that which has no central authority”.

Kirsten advises on financial regulation and data protection law, particularly in connection with digitalisation.

Kirsten Marie Petersen

Attorney at Kammeradvokaten, a private law firm

Kirsten Marie Petersen provides legal advice on financial regulations and data protection issues, especially within digitization. She has extensive expereince in the public sector and has previously worked at the department of the Danish Ministry of Taxation and as an Administrative officer at the Danish Ministry of Justice. Curently Kirsten Marie Petersen employed at Kammeradvokaten.

Kirsten covers areas within public administration, IT and digitization, data protection law, digital administration, financial regulation and FinTech.

Kirsten will speak on November 16, 2018, at the Nordic Blockchain Conference on “How to regulate that which has no central authority”.

Co-founder, Vice Chairman of Nordic Blockchain Association

Nicklas Peyk Milgaard

Co-founder & Vice Chairman – Nordic Blockchain Association

Nicklas Peyk Milgaard has worked with blockchain technology since 2013 and became the first to conduct a bachelor’s thesis at CBS in this regard where he studied BSc in Business Administration and Information Systems. Furthermore Nicklas been a serial entrepreneur for 6 years, starting up a variety of blockchain companies, is an experienced fundraiser and has acted as a startup advisor in the field for many years.

The Nordic Blockchain Association Co-founder and Vice Chairman will be speaking on November 16, 2018, at the Nordic Blockchain Conference giving an example of a Blockchain use case in the public sector.

Rasmus Vedel

Chief consultant – Kombit

Rasmus Vedel chief consultant at KOMBIT responsible for the blockchain pilot projects.

Alan Laubsch

Chief Strategist – GenBlue

Alan is an entrepreneur, connector, and thought leader in risk management. His mission is to protect vital ecosystems and empower the regenerative economy with exponential technologies. Alan is Chief Strategist at GenBlue, a venture studio for nature. Previously, Alan established the Natural Capital Markets group at Lykke Exchange and listed the world’s first mangrove and Blue Carbon backed blockchain token (TREE). Alan has over two decades of risk management experience with leading financial institutions, and was a founding member of the RiskMetrics Group, a JPMorgan spin-off. Alan is an avid kitesurfer and an ocean lover.

Julian Hansen

Developer – Nordic Blockchain Association

Julian is a developer and crypto enthusiast, works daily with futuristic technologies since 2009. As one of the few Ethereum developers in Copenhagen, he would spend his evenings at meetups teaching the next generation of developers in decentralized tech.

Kristoffer Just

Founder – My Food Trust

Kristoffer Just is a true digital nerd and am passionate about supporting complex processes with new technologies in close collaboration with stakeholders. Kristoffer has a Cand. IT in Innovation & Management from the IT University in Copenhagen, and last summer handed in his thesis, “Blockchain in food supply chains”. Since graduating, he has worked at the blockchain startup BLOC and Copenhagen Fintech and held several presentations on the possible application of blockchain technology. Based on his love for food and technology, he started “My Food Trust”, a site dedicated to create greater food transparency, by telling the stories of fraud and those advocating for more transparency by the use of tech. If you want to learn about Kristoffer, please visit

COO and Security advisor

Claus Vesthammer

COO and Security Advisor – Improsec

Claus Vesthammer is COO and Security Advisor at Improsec and has worked with Cyber Security since once upon a time in the last Millennium, where it was just called security – and long before it was something that is discussed in board rooms. Claus is advising large private and public organisations about Information and IT-Security.

Björn Preuss is teaching right now at CBS and is a guest lecturer at Lund University, in Sweden.

Björn Preuss

Senior Data Scientist – 2021.AI

Björn Preuss spoke at the Copenhagen Fintech Week. Currently working for 2021.AI as a Finacial Expert Advisor in their data science advisory arm. He has a research background in finance and machine learning as well as a professional background from investment banking. His focus is finding applications of machine learning algorithms as well as the development of those solutions. He focuses on employing machine learning on qualitative data and with this do research in the corporate finance area and corporate governance related issues.

Jacek Czarnecki

Legal Counsel Europe – Maker

Jacek Czarnecki is one of the most prominent blockchain lawyers in Europe. His extensive blockchain experience stems from a law firm, consulting, and in-house counsel perspectives.

As a graduate of Warsaw University (Master of Law) and Oxford University (MSc in Law and Finance), Jacek has focused on the intersection of law and technology in the financial sector. Besides being MakerDAO’s Legal Counsel for Europe, Jacek is an active participant in several international blockchain initiatives.

Dr. Omri Ross is a keynote speaker at Nordic Blockchain Conference

Dr. Omri Ross

CEO – Firmo Network

Omri received his PhD from the University of Cambridge and is currently looking at solutions to allow secure execution of financial derivatives contracts on blockchain technology. During the last 18 months he was involved in the following:

· He has founded a protocol allowing safe execution of financial contract based on blockchain technology
· Advised and consultet several governments and top 5 tier international banks and some of the largest blockchain corporations in the world on utilizing blockchain technology and producing tailored solutions to their challenges within financial services
· Co-authored the white papers of a few of the largest ICOs including the Bancor token (BNT) and Colu Local Network
(CLN token)
· Organized the largest blockchain summer school in the world during 2017
· Keynote speak in 20+ international conferences over the last year
· Sitting on an advisory board at several blockchain startups.

Alexander Reay

Founder – Nordic IT Association

Alexander is a life long tech entrepreneur & pioneer in digital business models launching one of the UK’s first digital publishing companies back in 1997. Alexander is passionate about disruptive technologies and new business models, with a keen interest in how Blockchain and AI can be utilised to improve humanity, digital privacy and security.

As an early advocate for the merits of Blockchain and DLT, Alexander is a board director at the IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain), Ambassador of the Nordic Blockchain Association, President and founder of the Nordic IT Association, a 2x Nominated Deloitte entrepreneur of the year and a recognised top 250 global authority on IoT, Wireless Technologies, Automation & Strategic Management.

Jan Damsgaard

Institute Leader, Digitalization – Copenhagen Business School

Professor Jan Damsgaard is Head of The Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark. In the latest ranking, the “Top Rankings of Schools in Bo8 journals”, which covers the past three years, The Department of Digitalization is number one in Europe and number 13 worldwide.

Jan´s personal research focuses on the business aspects of digitalization and disruption including platform economics, IoT and Big Data. Before joining CBS, he has worked and done research at numerous universities in the USA, China, Finland and Australia.

Keynote speaker at Nordic Blockchain Conference

Bo Hembæk Svensson

 Danish representative – EU Blockchain Observatory

Appointed Member of EU Blockchain Observatory core workgroup and DI Fintech Panel.

Experienced blockchain advisor and business developer. Hands-on experience with blockchain strategy, blockchain lab and proof of concepts within Payments, Identity and Supply Chain. 30 years software industry experience in complex technologies, business development, consulting and management, within Digital Workplace, Digital Transformation and Blockchain”.

Simon Ousager

Head of Training – Chainalysis

Simon Ousager works at Chainalysis that builds trust in blockchains between people, businesses, and governments. The Company has offices in NY, Washington D.C. and Copenhagen. Meaning Chainalysis is a global team backed by Benchmark and other leading names in venture capital.

Simon is also a public speaker and advisor on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects/strategy.

Morten Nielsen

CFO & Co-founder – Aryze

Morten Nielsen has years of experience in finance, fundraising and the cryptocurrency space. With experience from JP Morgan for six years – where he was involved with one of the most competitive hedge funds at the time – as well as holding a senior VP position at UBS he gained a great insight to the world of finance.

Since then he has also gained great knowledge of ICO’s and the regulations surrounding them and has today positioned himself as an expert in the field. The digitalization of financial assets is a great passion of Morten’s, and his vision for a globalized digital system play a significant role in the success of ARYZE.

Jack Nikogosian

CEO – Aryze

Jack Nikogosian is a Danish blockhain expert with a vast knowledge of the cryptocurrency space. In 2015 he became internationally known as Bitcoin Jack after paying solely with Bitcoin for an entire month. With his outgoing personality and quick thinking, he delivers inspiring stage presence and has displayed his capabilities at numerous European expos and conferences.

Professionally, he has worked with major players in the Danish crypto/payments arena. With a vision of making payments faster, cheaper and smarter he founded the fintech company ARYZE in 2017. With a great insight in terms of trends within cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, digital payments and tokenization Jack has the unique skill of being able to combine new technologies.

Topics: Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, Disruption, Tokenization

Henrik Hvid Jensen

Digital Ecosystem Advisor – Trustworks

Henrik Hvid Jensen has a unique combination of knowledge with the digitization of global trade, leading understanding of blockchains real possibilities and limitations, and practical experience in designing and realizing digital platforms and blockchain solutions for global trade ecosystems and government organizations.

Henrik has been working with Technologies for more than 30 years. He has designed and realized several digital ecosystem platforms both within government as well as within trade and logistic.

Henrik is the innovator and designer of the Maersk/IBM Blockchain initiative to digitalize global trade.

Today Henrik is strategic advisor in digital ecosystem optimization at Trustworks. He offers advice to organizations on how to turn their attention outward towards the business ecosystem, rethink many aspects of their business models and help shape digital ecosystem strategies that allow them to survive and thrive in a hyperconnected world.

Henrik is convinced that in the digital business era, it becomes imperative for organizations to understand and model how business ecosystems will create new business capabilities, products/services, and business models.

Rasmus Winther

Blockchain Director – Deloitte

Rasmus Winther Mølbjerg has got more than 15 years of experience working with transformation, programme management, and digitalization. Today, he is in charge of Deloittes Denmark NextGen Technologies team. At the same time, Rasmus is a Danish blockchain lead and part of Doloitte’s global Blockchain management team. He’s got great experience presenting the technology to managements within both the private and public sector.

Sofie Blakstad

CEO – HiveOnline

Sofie spent 25 years building and transforming banks, including the first online bank for UBS, before deciding the last thing the world needs is another bank. She’s taken her experience building everything from technical infrastructure to business transformation in multinational, multi-billion programmes, to building a multinational, very low-cost distributed team and lightweight software ecosystems at hiveonline, the financial trust platform for small businesses everywhere.

Sofie advises the UN and G7 groups on applications of fintech for financial inclusion and sustainable investment and advises governments on fintech and cryptocurrency. Sofie’s second book (with Rob Allen), Fintech Revolution: Universal Inclusion in the New Financial Ecosystem, is widely available.

Niklas Nikolajsen

CEO – Bitcoin Suisse

Niklas Nikolajsen founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in mid-2013. Today he serves as Chairman of the Board and co-CEO. Operationally besides his role as chairman, he is responsible for business development, key accounts, investor relations and company representation. Niklas has a background of more than 15 years as a professional software architect & software developer, primarily in the financial , manufacturing and public sectors.

In 2010 after discovering Bitcoin, he became one of the early adaptors, investors and proponents of crypto assets. In 2011 he moved from Denmark to Switzerland and worked for a major Swiss financial institution, as a consultant – until he founded Bitcoin Suisse AG in 2013, together with partners. He served as CEO of the company until the end of 2017.

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Deanna MacDonald


Deanna MacDonald is the co-founder and CEO of BLOC, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration, a digital solutions provider the energy and maritime sectors with a focus on decarbonisation. She is also an Associate Partner at Dare Disrupt, a global speaker and a digital Course Leader for courses offered at MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School and Wharton.

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer

COO – Coinify

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer is a co-founder and board member of Coinify. Alongside these roles, he also manages the daily operations of Coinify’s various teams as Chief Operating Officer. He has an extensive resume within the global payments industry, which include careers at Nets Group, IBM, Pandora and more. He is also a founding member of the Blockchain and Virtual Currency Working Group (BVC WG), as well as an active participant in other regulatory bodies with an aim to foster understanding and development within the industry.

Rune Christensen

CEO – MakerDAO

Rune Christensen has co-founded of one of the oldest stablecoin projects, MakerDAO, and to date continues to steer its success in the role of Chief Executive Officer. Rune has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space since 2011. Realizing the need to address the issue of volatility, he set out to build a stablecoin for the crypto community. MakerDAO issues Dai, the world’s first stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, that eliminates volatility through a system of smart contracts designed to respond to market dynamics. Previously, Rune has spent several years in China, where he co-founded an international HR agency.