Ian Choo

Founder & Managing Partner – Ekofolio

Ian Choo is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ekofolio, a mission-driven Fintech company enabling everyone to invest in Forests profitably. He is passionate about enabling systemically important projects that accelerate meaningful transformations for industries and people.

Ian started his career in Management Consulting, subsequently serving as co-founder/board member in the Nepal Music Festival, the country’s largest volunteer run festival. He has taught as an adjunct at various business schools in Denmark, and is an active coach and speaker at various Entrepreneurship events and Accelerators. Ian holds an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics (LSE), and has attended IESE and Harvard Business School.

Ian will be speaking at a debate on Blockchain as “A tool for social impact” at Nordic Blockchain Conference on November 16, 2018.