Dr. Omri Ross is a keynote speaker at Nordic Blockchain Conference

Dr. Omri Ross

CEO – Firmo Network

Omri received his PhD from the University of Cambridge and is currently looking at solutions to allow secure execution of financial derivatives contracts on blockchain technology. During the last 18 months he was involved in the following:

· He has founded firmo.network a protocol allowing safe execution of financial contract based on blockchain technology
· Advised and consultet several governments and top 5 tier international banks and some of the largest blockchain corporations in the world on utilizing blockchain technology and producing tailored solutions to their challenges within financial services
· Co-authored the white papers of a few of the largest ICOs including the Bancor token (BNT) and Colu Local Network
(CLN token)
· Organized the largest blockchain summer school in the world during 2017
· Keynote speak in 20+ international conferences over the last year
· Sitting on an advisory board at several blockchain startups.