Bent Dalager

Head of NewTech

Bent Dalager has more than 27 years’ consulting experience across a wide range of industries, including solid experience from all types of financial institutions across the Nordics. Bent has successfully led some of the most complex system implementations and outsourcing and advisory programmes in the financial services industry in Europe. He has led Accenture’s (ACN) FS practice in the Nordics and was a part of ACN’s EALA (Europe, Africa, Latin America) management. In addition, he has headed ANC’s Robotics/AI practice in FS EALA. Bent is experienced in management consulting, primarily within CRM, Digital and NewTech, serving as an expert and/or C-suite advisor.

Bent was the founder and leader of ACN’s FutureTech group that works exclusively with leading-edge technologies within robotics and AI in FS, and has worked with Fintechs and the application of blockchain technology in the Fintech industry, etc. Furthermore, he has been working with, and is still working with large transformations (large system projects and outsourcing/offshoring).

Due to his vast experience, Bent is also a well-known speaker at conferences and events in Denmark and Europe on topics such as Digital, Robotics/Cognitive computing, CRM and outsourcing/offshoring. His presentations focus on trends in the financial services industry, especially on linking new technology trends (such as robotics, cognitive computing, digital internet-of-me) to business.

Today, Bent is heading up KPMG’s Financial Services practice in the Nordics as well as the NewTech practice. NewTech is dealing exclusively with cutting-edge AI technologies (Robotics, Machine Learning, Chat-Voice-bots, AR, VR, etc.) and focuses on “consulting by doing”.